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Harness the power of AI and turn must-reads into must-listens! Ideal for personal productivity buffs and podcasters alike, curate a tailored audio feed from handpicked content across the web.


Nolan M.

"I love it!!! Now I can finally catch up on all those articles I've saved for later. Podstash is very easy to use. Once it is set up, you simply press the Stash button..."

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Generate An AI Powered Podcast

AI streamlines content curation for creators and thought leaders. Use PodStash to enhance your blog or keep your audience updated on industry news.

Key Takeaways

Receive the crux of every episode directly in your inbox. Alongside each audio summary, we curate the pivotal takeaways for a quick, enlightening glance.

Further Reading

Stay curious with PodStash. After each summary, we suggest resources to expand your understanding, helping you delve further into subjects that pique your interest.

Episode Transcripts

No headphones? No problem. Every episode comes with an email transcript. Read on-the-spot or save it for later, ensuring you never miss out on valuable content.

Listen to the Internet

📰 Article-to-Podcast

From recent news articles, to five-thousand word think pieces- Transform any article or blog post on the internet into a concise 5 minute podcast episode.

“I think Podstash is onto something with this product. Whether just for personal use or professional use cases, it is a huge timesaver.”

Jamie O. – ESPN SoCal
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From The Inbox to Your Ears

📧 Email-to-Podcast

Have a tendency to oversubscribe to email newsletters and Substacks? Turn neglected newsletters into short-and-sweet podcast episodes by forwarding to PodStash.

“I highly recommend PodStash to anyone pursuing a life of learning. It will save you a ton of time by allowing you to consume content you're interested in without having to sit down and read through it.”

David C.
Sample News Website

Tap Into Millions of Videos

📺 YouTube-to-Podcast

YouTube is one of the richest sources of news and learning content. Imagine the potential to tap into this knowledge base in the form of bit-sized podcast episodes.

“I am impressed with the product so far. We have a couple of radio stations and this far surpasses most of the AI products I have seen in our industry.”

Jamie O. – ESPN SoCal
Sample News Website

Wherever You Listen 🎙️

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PodStash works with any platform that can support a custom rss url!

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